Ford Focus

A: Assalomu aleykum wr wb,
Would recommend using more expensive one. Common rule: the better quality, the higher price. Cuz I think it doesn't make much difference in any place, let alone UAE.

Q: How good is a ford focus 2003 Lx diesel?
I am thinking of buying a ford focus diesel 2003 Lx. Does anyone own this at the moment or have owned this previously. Is it reliable, What are the negative points what advice can you give to me regarding this car in all aspects.

Thank you

A: I always check out before I buy a car. Honest comments and ratings from real owners on just about every make/model out there!


Q: Can you program a ford focus keyless remote to a 1998 mustang?
my friend gave me a ford focus keyless remote because his dealership has many. i was wondering if it is possible to program the ford focus remote to my mustang gt?

A: No.

Q: What is a 2007 Ford Focus Wagon worth to buy?
The Ford Focus on a used car lot is asking 14000.00 and has 30,000 kil. Automatic transmission, 4 door sedan station wagon. How much is this car worth?

A: You also should compare car insurance quotes for cars before buying one, for example here -

Q: Ford focus?
can anyone tell me the book price on a 2000 Ford focus zetec 1.6 5dr hatch please

A: dealer price= £3380
good condition private= £2970
poor condition private= £2330
more info go to
hope this help

Q: Ford Focus?
I drive a ford focus and its a stick. So here is my question... When your driving your car, and you shift into 2nd gear does it scrape? Its not that I don't know how to drive a stick because i had a car before this one that was a stick. But maybe its just because I'm not patient enough to wait to shift. IDK. I just wanted to know if anyone has this problem.

A: you might not be pushing the clutch in all of the way. try and make a conscious effort to push the clutch all of the way to the floor before shifting. If it still makes a noise you might have a worn synchro. Good luck!

Q: Ford Focus?
I have no idea what year it is, i think around 2003 or so, it looks pretty new though. I THINK its a 2003 Ford Focus zx3. Is this a good first car for a 15 year old guy haha. I have heard its very good on gas. But i really dont wanna be the kid with the gay car lol. Its red btw. haha

A: Yeah its fine, im currently learning to drive in a 1998 Ford Focus which would be my first car, in my opinon a good car for people learning to drive.

Q: Ford Focus?
I went 2 the oction in NC and i bought a Ford had less than 80,000 miles on it...and its a 2002...nice body and clean....i paid $3000.....did i get jept off or did i get a good deal?

A: Awesome car great price

Q: Ford focus..?
I have a ford focus. It's older, and well..

I drove it ALL the way from Buffalo, NY to Niagara Falls..Pull it into my driveway, turn it off, go inside, go back outside and attempt to start it..

and all I hear is 'click-click'. The radio turns on, then shuts off, so does the air. But it WON'T start up completely, and the 'click-click' noise is atrotiously obnoxious. :/ Any clue?

A: Raise the hood stand in front of the car look on the left side you will see Little thing called a celluloid switch ,take the red battery cable loose go down to your local part,s store get you a new switch two bolt,s hold it on 15 minutes you should be running.

Q: ford focus?
where can i get bodykit for my ford focus zts in gta????

A: check out the link.....all info is there includin address n fone #

Q: ford focus?
My v-reg peaugot 206 1.6 just died in a car crash. I loved driving it, but now I need a new car! Someone has suggested a 1.6 Ford Focus - 5-door. What do you think?

yes, I need to get around, go on holidays etc, but something a bit sexy would be good, too!

A: I have a focus estate and its great, good thing about Ford is the parts and labour are cheap.
On a down side it wont get you noticed it depends what you want it for?

Q: Ford Focus?
i am buying a ford focus but i cant decide on what year or model to get any ideas?

A: Consider getting a Sentra or Civic. A better investment in the long-run.

I would not buy any Ford product right now.

If you have your mind made up though, best of luck.

Q: Ford Focus..?
A newer Ford Focus. -- I was joking around and ask about that and laughed and she said that we would think about it and that they were pretty good on gas n then some other stuff. Its $2,259 cash due at signing. It was $169/month and it gets 35 mpg. But I can see the insurance costing alot since it would be a newer one.
I think the most money a teen around here can get is almost $8 an hour at mcdonalds so if i worked 8 hours a day for 5 days or so i could get around $300 a week. and i dont live far from the school(approx. 7 miles), and mcdonalds is right down the street. so its not much gas for that stuff.
also, we raise golden retrievers and we have been selling them for about $250 a pup and Im gonna start helping out with that, and i will get a percentage of the cash from it.
My parents trust me enough to realize i wouldnt do the dumb stuff that alot of people my age do, i know 3 guys that tryed to beat a train at lunch and were in the hospital for a long time and were very lucky.
im talking about the sedan and coupe ones. the 2008.

A: I'm sure $169 a month is for 72 or 84 months...are you sure you want to be committed to a car that long?? Think of all that interest you'd be paying. The warranty will run out after 36 any repairs after that you'll be stuck with. Just something to think about. Just because the payment is cheap doesn't make it a good deal.

Q: What would be the cost to replace a clutch on my Ford Focus?
I have a Ford Focus SE, and am being quoted approximately $1000 total parts/labor to replace it at the Ford dealership.

Is that about right, or am I being overcharged?

A: yea that's about right. cheaper for a domestic car i guess. i drive an 89 honda & mine was $2k

Q: After how many miles do you replace the timing belt on a Ford Focus?
I have a Ford Focus 03 1.8 Turbo Diesel. After how many miles do you need to change the belt. Is it 100k or 120k? Thanks.

A: 100,000 (or 10 years if you are doing a lower mileage) is Ford's recommended interval.